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Diabetic Socks

  • Material:65% Bamboo Fiber, 15% Spandex, 20% Elastic(compression)
  • Color:Black, Grey, White, Can be customized
  • Size:22~28 cm
  • Origin:Taiwan
  • Length:Crew
  • Characteristic:Excellent elasticity, reduce leg contraction, help blood circulation, prevent blisters, moisture-wicking, adjust temperature, keep warm, antibacterial and deodorant
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1.Loose Design

The loose design on the calf ensures blood circulation, reduces leg pressure, prevents swelling, and the elasticity socks will not leave marks on the legs, improving your daily comfort.


2.Suitable For Anyone

Diabetic socks suitable for anyone with circulatory diseases, diabetes, edema, sensitive feet, wide calves or who want to relax comfortably.