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Skirt / Panty hose for Children

Made of 80% cotton, soft, gentle, breathable and comfortable on children's skin. Provide the best comfort, suitable for matching any clothes.

  • Material:80% Cotton, 10% Spandex, 10% Nylon
  • Color:Colorful
  • Size:1-3 age; 4-7 age; 7-10 age
  • Origin:Taiwan; Regular stock
  • Length:Height: 60-90 cm (1-3 age); 90-120 cm (4-7 age); 120-150 cm (7-10 age)
  • Characteristic:Crazy, Fancy, Funny, and Odd Cartoon series socks; Adaptable Welt Cuff; Cotton for Moisture Absorption, Warm Keep, Heat Resistance, Alkali Resistance, and Hygiene Performance; Terry Design for Light Sports and Warm Keep
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