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Sport Wrist Sweatband(Camouflage)

Handy Socks sports sweatbands fit for all various sporty activities. Our sport sweatbands are durable resilience and give the best sweat absorbent to you.

  • Material:70% Cotton, 10% Spandex, 5% Nylon, 15% Elastane
  • Color:Customized
  • Size:
  • Origin:Taiwan; MOQ: 1200 units / design
  • Length:Customized
  • Characteristic:Cohesion Ribbing of Adaptable Welt, Flexible Wrist Support, ; Cotton for Moisture Absorption, Warm Keep, Heat Resistance, Alkali Resistance, and Hygiene Performance
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1. Great Absorbency

Use our bulk wholesale sporty wrist sweatband to help you swipe off your sweat out of your eyes and face, also prevents hands slick, keep you focused on your workout.
Perfect for men, women, girls, boys, teens and child. Compression Knitted sweatbands makes you forget something else on your wrist. Non slip off guarantee, enjoy the sports.

2. Breathable Material

Made from nice Cotton, Spandex, breathable and compression stretch elastic, super soft, absorbent sweat and moisture wicking, keeps your hands dry all day long!
It comes with terry cotton to provide a greater texture and additional comfort at any outdoor sport or indoor exercise, such as basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, crossfit, football, golf, volleyball, marathon, sprint, badminton, trail running, workout, running and training, fit for all players and various activities, our OEM unisex terry cloth sweatband give the best sweat absorbent to you.

3. Keep Shape and Elasticity

Our sport sweatbands are machine washable, lightweight, fit sized, super soft, durable resilience and comfortable. One size fits all!

4. Muti Color

The customize OEM knitted colorful terry cloth sport sweatband with different colors and pattern, black, blue, red, plain, flag, stripes and rainbow. Providing wrist sweatband various series for your option and meets all your needs.

HANDY SOCKS is a Taiwan factory that provides OEM and ODM services, custom designs your own socks. We are dedicated to meets customers’ different needs, all of our socks can custom knitted with customer designs. We have been producing better socks, high efficiency is our belief, and customer satisfaction is our most important concern. If you have any questions about our products, wholesalers / jobber / distributor / retailers / merchant / merchandiser / vendor / tradespeople / ... etc., please contact us.

✔  One size fits most for men, women, ladies, teen and adult. 
✔  Customized Color
✔  Customized Design